“Put simply, Wolf Moon are what ‘The Rumours’ line-up of Fleetwood Mac could have been if they hadn’t imploded. Superb!!”
Pete Feenstra

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-Mind Over Matter-

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The first full moon in January was traditionally called the Wolf Moon, according to the Old Farmer's Almanac. The name dates back to Native American tribal times when wolves would howl outside villages, and has also been called the Old Moon, Ice Moon and Snow Moon. 


Wolf Moon is the band that grew out of rock duo Lethbridge Owen. Founded by songwriter and virtuoso guitarist Jimmy Owen and gifted vocalist Kelly Lethbridge, the band have since attracted some of the UK's most respected performers into its ranks, including the inimitable Eric Stams on drums, Noah Nelson on bass and Steve Allsworth on guitar as its powerhouse rhythm section. The centrality of all the band members in the creative process and in shaping the group's distinctive sound meant a new name was needed, and in
January 2020 Lethbridge Owen was reincarnated under the Wolf Moon!


The Wolves


Jimmy Owen: songwriter, lead guitar, vocals

Kelly Lethbridge: vocals
Steve Allsworth: guitar

Noah Nelson / (Svetlana Eliason): bass
Eric Stams: drums