Wolf Moon is the band that grew out of rock duo Lethbridge Owen, and is fast becoming known as one of the UK’s most respected up-and-coming original rock bands.


In a world dominated by formulaic harmonies, predictable riffs and copy-and-paste lyrics, Wolf Moon's songwriter Jimmy Owen draws from the creative spirit of great artists from Lindsay Buckingham to Jimi Hendrix, from Heart to Bonnie Raitt, producing songs of beauty, sincerity and emotional weight across a range of styles that defies pigeon-holing. The band brings together some of the UK's finest musicians, with Jimmy's formidable lead guitar combined with Kelly Lethbridge's gorgeous sultry vocals backed by the inimitable rhythm section of Erik Stams (drums), Noah Nelson (bass) and Steve Allsworth (guitar) plus guests. The on-stage chemistry that results is truly captivating.


Their first album Mind Over Matter (released Apr 2019) was rewarded with glowing critical acclaim for its ambitious pan-genre patchwork of styles and sounds and striking ecelcticism, with frequent parallels drawn to Buckingham-Nicks. The band leads us through luminous sonic landscapes, through light and shade, with Jimmy's wild and expansive soloing style balanced perfectly by Kelly's silky expressive tone and impressive range. Wolf Moon invoke the untamed panoramas of the West Coast, shifting seamlessly from classic rock beats to sultry blues to acoustic ethereal folk and back again. There is always something new to find in Jimmy's restless harmonies and haunting, poetic lyrics, which will also take centre stage in their forthcoming second album, set for studio in early 2020. Guitar lovers will also be drawn to Jimmy’s obsession with tone, working with often rare vintage gear such as ‘70s echo plex and ‘60s Marshall plexi which together with the band’s rich vocal harmonies gives Wolf Moon its distinctive big panoramic sound. Beautifully summed up by John Dryland of Cargo Records, “Wolf Moon’s always immaculate vocals, subtle and mature songwriting combined with stellar performances all round and with Jimmy Owen’s fantastic tone and incredible guitar playing make this band a must-see. Wolf Moon really is one to watch out for.”

Wolf Moon's favourite artists and biggest influences include Fleetwood Mac, John Meyer, Heart, Lesley Duncan, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Bonnie Raitt, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Trucks Tedeschi, James Taylor, Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, Pink Floyd, First Aid Kit, Fairport Convention, Big Wreck – and many more.





Jimmy Owen (lead guitar & vocals)

Wolf Moon founder and songwriter Jimmy first picked up a guitar age 16, and at 17 his career was already off to a flying start sitting in David Gilmour’s living room learning licks on his famous Fender Strat. By age 18 Jimmy had received an unconditional offer to study music at BIMM, where he learned with the legendary Guthrie Govan, and where was later to meet many of his Wolf Moon bandmates. In 2018 UK press began waking up to Jimmy as a world-class talent, both as an electric and acoustic guitarist and as a singer-songwriter, producer and MD. Known for his virtuosity across a wide range of styles paired with an obsessive attention to tone, in 2019 Jimmy was delighted to be endorsed by Victory Amps, PRS Guitars, Flattley Pedals, Kool Amplification, and Audient as the face of their new Sono interface. Plans are underway for Jimmy to cut his first album under his own name in Austin, Texas on invitation from Chris Maresh, bassist of the legendary Eric Johnson and featured musician on the single 'Re-Inspire', with whose harmonic wizardry and dexterity Jimmy is often compared. Full bio & more info available on Jimmy’s website.

Kelly Lethbridge (vocals)

Founding member of Lethbridge Owen, Jimmy and Kelly met as music students in 2008 in Brighton where they started jamming and instantly discovered their musical affinity. Kelly's impressive range, aptitude for harmonic line and gorgeous tone has seen her study and work with many professional artists in the industry including Carleen Anderson (singer from The Brand New Heavies), Ace (guitarist from Skunk Anansie), Kelly Bryan (singer of pop group Eternal) and Billie Godfrey (BV for Beverly Knight). She was also part of the choir for the nationally touring group STOMP at the Brighton Dome in 2006 for a performance in front of thousands of people. Kelly is a regular session studio and live performer and BV on the London session scene.


Erik Stams (drums)


Born and raised in the Bronx, NYC, Erik moved to the UK in his 20s and has since built himself a name as one of the most sought-after session drummers in the country. He now lives in a beautiful corner of Wales with his wife and children while working and gigging regularly in London, where he heads up the Drums department at BIMM. Erik became part of Wolf Moon in 2017 when Jimmy contacted him to ask for recommendations for a great drummer who might be interested in joining the band. To Jimmy’s delight Erik came back with his own name. His distinctive groove is bedded deep in Wolf Moon’s sound, the heart and soul of the rhythm section not to mention the dressing room!


Erik has recorded and performed with Jamie Lawson, Walter Schreifles (Quicksand), Butch Thomas (Sting, Jaco Pastorius, Lenny Kravitz), Jon Langford, Zervas and Pepper, Drill Queen, The Darling Buds, The Glyndebourne Touring Opera, John Wheatcroft, Monkjack, Eyes on Film, Ensemble Bash, Adrian Portis (New Model Army), and many more. Erik also contributes monthly articles to Rhythm magazine.


Steve Allsworth (guitar)

The latest (but certainly not least!) addition to the lineup of session stars, the inimitable Steve Allsworth joined Wolf Moon for the 2019 summer festival season. Steve Allsworth cut his teeth at 23 writing the regular rock guitar column for Total Guitar magazine and going on to write for Guitar Techniques magazine (a highlight being the infamy of interviewing the late, great Dimebag Darrell and having a Washburn electric guitar thrown at his head after a drunken night at the Kerrang awards). Steve has toured with the likes of Ronan Keating, Lily Allen and Mica Paris whilst also putting in regular sideman stints on TV, radio and sessions with Westlife, LeAnn Rimes, Alicia Keys, Nayo and collaborating with Kitayah (Andy Gangadeen). Steve became head of guitar at BIMM Brighton in 2004 and later head of live performance at BIMM London in 2014. Steve makes a mean homemade chilli sauce.

Noah Nelson (bass)


Another American expat with a love for the low end, Noah has made himself at home in the UK’s live music scene. Noah joined Wolf Moon working on the first album Mind Over Matter in 2017, and he, Erik and Jimmy instantly gelled – in Jimmy’s words “it’s like he can read my mind”. Noah quickly became the band’s go-to live as well as studio bassist alongside Svetlana Vasileva, another wonderful musician who leads BIMM’s course in Professional Musicianship. Noah’s credits include writing music that has featured on BBC Radio 1 playlists, working as a producer for artists from America to Russia and receiving a Spotlight Award from the Mayor of London.