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“Jimmy’s incredible guitar playing was matched by Kelly’s strong vocals. They covered their two singles ‘Taking Over Me’ and ‘Leaving Home’ along with ‘Hope’, ‘The Great Healer’, ‘If Only’ and the Lindsey Buckingham-inspired ‘Nothing Sacred’. Kelly and Jimmy harmonise perfectly together, with Jimmy’s guitar playing the stand-out feature of the duo, ranging from a classical guitar style on some songs to a full band sound (by use of a loop pedal) on others. Certainly a group to watch out for.”
W21 Music

“ Put simply, Wolf Moon are what ‘The Rumours’ line-up of Fleetwood Mac could have been if they hadn’t imploded. Superb!! I love the little percussive pushes, pristine harmonies, lovely production and intricate guitar work - it all flows!”
Pete Feenstra

“Amazing music! These are straight up hits, I would play you on Radio 2 straight away. You listen to music how all the greats listen.”
Kid Jensen

“’Mind Over Matter’ is defiantly a different record with the self-confidence to steadfastly refuse to follow trends or chase genre classification. It is a celebration of cerebral musicianship that nevertheless manages to retain a radio-friendly accessibility. Glory in its diversity and celebrate its candid creativity.

This album requires an acceptance that variety is the spice of life and that original songwriting knows no bounds. Rock? At times. Pop? Maybe. Country? Definitely. Americana and blues? Sure. Wolf Moon tick so many boxes on this deeply affecting record that it’s impossible to pigeonhole. Owen’s blistering solo on ‘Back To The Blue’ proves beyond doubt that nothing is off limits and everything is possible. Chasing that distinctive signature sound might prove to be the duo’s downfall, but it could catapult Wolf Moon into the big leagues.

There are moments where classic Fleetwood Mac meets the Rolling Stones; mellow breaks where Ward Thomas-esque country pop comes to the fore; and when they really let rip it's like listening to Tedeschi Trucks Band at their wondrous and expansive best."

Simon Rushworth, Rush on Rock

“Wolf Moon’s new music crosses genre boundaries with panache and class; echoes of Fleetwood Mac with a modern, vibrant application and fully from the heart. Thoughtful, fresh and engaging, this is music that everyone should give a chance. It will richly reward those that do.”
Great Music Stories - featured artist - Guy Bellamy

“Wolf Moon's always immaculate vocals, subtle and mature songwriting combined with stellar performances all round and with Jimmy Owen’s fantastic tone and incredible guitar playing make this band a must see. Wolf Moon really is one to watch out for."
John Dryland (Cargo Records)

“Jimmy Owen is an incredible guitarist – fabulous playing.”
Guitarist Magazine

“WOW! You’ll go far. Great vocals and playing and of course, great songs. Congrats.” Marcus Malone - Malone/Sibunn Band (Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin)

“Wolf Moon’s debut album is an intoxicating mix of rock and roots, with acoustic flavours underpinned by excellent songwriting and truly fine musicianship. Highly recommended by all of us here!”
Mark Ede, BiG I AM Management

“Owen was personally guided in vintage guitar sounds by one David Gilmour, which might explain his impressive expressive playing. Lethbridge provides a natural foil for Owen with a ripping good voice that adds the sass of KT Tunstall to the bang of KD Lang.”
RnR Magazine

“Mind Over Matter’ encapsulates the perfect blend of traditional and modern music and is simply beautifully well crafted from beginning to end.”
Wrinkly Rockers Club

“This brilliant LP is filled with musical quality, melodic intelligence and celestial harmony. The songs, created with love, shine with lucid harmony and take listeners on an emotional journey, and Kelly and Jimmy’s chemistry is truly captivating. If you like the idea of a Connie Smith / Linda Ronstadt-style soulful, countrified voice accompanied by a Lindsey Buckingham type performer, you’re going to love this. The comparisons will obviously be made between Wolf Moon and Buckingham Nicks, but if anything, Kelly is closer to Christine McVie in sound and erudition.

This album’s expressive sounds are designed to provide relief and release from everyday hardships – and maybe now, more than ever, we need beautiful and thoughtful music in our lives.”
Neil Mach

“Wolf Moon are being called England’s answer to Buckingham/Nicks: West Coast influenced but with sounds of country, folk, and even some Rolling Stones and Tom Petty there. The opener All We Have Is Hope has a lovely melancholic feel to it where the Fleetwood Mac influence is heard straight away, though Kelly’s voice has more of the sweetness of Christine McVie than Stevie Nicks. These twelve songs will suit many tastes, from lovers of California-style contemporary AOR to Linda Ronstadt and of course 70s rock, not forgetting jazz and funk.
Wolf Moon have produced a feel-good record. Jimmy and Kelly duet beautifully with a nice mix of harmonies, great intricate guitar grooves and licks, and wonderful tight arrangements. It is great to see homegrown talent like this bring a little sunshine into these somewhat dark and gloomy times.”
Dave Martin

“Wolf Moon have have been in no hurry to put an album out, instead spending their time wowing audiences at live shows and crafting beautifully written songs. ‘Mind Over Matter’ is a confident debut album that nods to the past while setting its sights firmly on the future. Jimmy Owen and Kelly Lethbridge make a captivating and dynamic duo whose songs will work their way into your brain and refuse to budge. Masterful, mesmerising guitar work from Owen along with Lethbridge's soaring, hypnotic vocal create so many gorgeous little nuances that make you want to listen time and time again. "

Claire Hill, Down The Front Media

A touch of the 80’s, a drop of Fleetwood Mac and some folk-esque vibes make Wolf Moon a ‘One To Watch’ for the future. The band have exceptional harmonies and melodic tones. I look forward to more mixes of flavour on their forthcoming album! 

Mark Punter, BBC Radio Essex

“Free flowing, melodic and perfect harmonies, this new song from Wolf Moon conjures up summer sounds and images of days of youth. Great instrumentation and eager need for the rest of the album awaits”- Eddie Nestor, BBC Radio London

''How Do You See Yourself is a wonderful album with a timeless feel. In listening you are transported through the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s – this is a vinyl album in the truest sense, yet still maintains a modern vibe that brings it all together. How Do You See Yourself is clever throughout and is one of those releases that you will learn to love more and more with each listen'' - Nick Cantwell - Belles & Gals

''Overall, ‘How Do You See Yourself’ is a work of fantastically crafted, intelligent adult rock. Now, whether it reaches true musical immortality, only time will tell - Paul Monkhouse'' - Metal Planet Music

''London band Wolf Moon, led by Jimmy Owen and Kelly Lethbridge, carry on the singer-songwriter tradition of artists like Ryan Adams and the duo work of Fleetwood Mac’s Buckingham-Nicks. They recently released their second album under the Wolf Moon moniker, How Do You See Yourself'' - The Cosmic American

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